Zibo is an automated, online rent collection platform designed for independent landlords. It’s a comprehensive BaaS tool that enables users to manage finances across one or many properties while eliminating the need for multiples forms of software and antiquated check collection methods.


Product Design, Design System, IA

The Problems

1. A large majority of U.S. renters still pay their rent via check every month. This leads to a need for physical checks (waste), heightened stress for landlords who have no guarantee of when or if checks will arrive and then potentially late fees for tenants.

2. Many independent landlords have multiple bank accounts, use multiple accounts for financial tracking and lose out on interest that could be earned from security deposits.

The Solution

An electronic rent-payment solution with the ability for tenants to set automatic payments and a centralized platform that links all bank accounts and allows visibility into cashflow, rent roll and transactions per account.

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