PAX Era Pro Interaction Design

PAX Era Pro Interaction Design

Design language for bluetooth enabled vaporizer. The device UI was comprised of 4 RGB LEDS and used haptics and an accelerometer to render feedback. Interaction patterns included:

  • PWM signals for haptic feedback
  • LED patterns for charging states
  • LED patterns for Session Control
  • Gesture designs for temperature and bluetooth settings.
  • Feedback for error states.

Era Pro UX



UX Principles

1. Interactions with devices must render immediate feedback. When a user physically makes a change to a device it should respond immediately (i.e. shake to check battery level, pod insertion, pod removal, taking a draw, device connected to power).

2. Device Mandated Interactions override all other interaction patterns. These include: Device Lock, Errors, Low Battery, Dead Batter, Session Control Completion, Session Control Timeout, Bluetooth Paring to mobile app.

animated shape