PAX Era Connected Platform

PAX Era Connected Platform

The PAX Era platform is comprised of a bluetooth enabled vaporizer, “smart pods” (NFC enabled) filled by partners across multiple states building up a SKU count in the hundreds, a web based portal for these partners to manage their product lines, proprietary machines designed to “program” and laser etch pods in bulk and finally, B2C touch points to find, track and manage a customers pod collection.


The Problem

Designing for a multi-faceted platform including a bluetooth vaporizer, NFC enabled pods, software-driven pod programming equipment, user facing mobile apps, a web-based fulfillment portal for B2B partners and in-store retail UX.

The Solution

A comprehensive, secure and easy to approach connected environment that includes a suite of devices, hardware, data management tools for partners, NFC flashing machines for pod production and an easy to use customer facing mobile app. All driving towards providing both B2C and B2B users with an approachable, predictable and repeatable experience with the Era platform.

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